Blogging is like a time capsule made out of letters.

Some days ago, browsing and linkhopping through bearblog, I stumbled upon this blog post.

I do agree with the author about how blogging is probably not easy for everyone, but we should do so if we just want to do it.

One of the reasons why I try to write a blog entry every once in a while is to treat this as a time capsule. I doubt anyone will occasionally find my small blog, and maybe that's one of the charms about it.

Have you seen how some historical figures (like artists) are met through the letters they sent to other people? Now barely anyone sends physical letters, we are more used to sending dms and chatting. And I get it, because it's pretty convenient, it allows your words to always reach who they are meant for. Letters can be lost, damaged during their travel to their destination

But that reminds me that servers can go down, social media sites can terminate their services and features at any given time, and if you don't back some stuff up and your phone is lost or it dies off, said stuff will be lost forever.

I like these type of blogging sites that are platform agnostic, because if I need to move my content somewhere else I can do so (am I computer-savvy enough for that?), and not really losing what I've written. This is important for me because I want to keep some memories and records of things that are happening in my life.

I want this to be akin to the letters preserved by history. But it's not historical nor the letters are addressed to someone else, as they are for my future self.

As I said, I don't really feel like posting content I wouldn't say out loud irl, but I'll try to be more honest with my feelings too, to write about special moments, or ranting till the sun bursts and combusts itself.