I just learnt art journaling is a thing

Look, I'm not gonna make a whole post explaining what the fuck art journaling is. I just know for some weeks I've felt the need of doing random paint splotches and scribbles without even considering doing some representational art. In all honesty I rarely ever have a strong pull towards drawing something. I pick bears and other cute animals because they give me happy chemicals but that's it.

Doing abstract stuff has given me a lot of peace and calm and happiness lately, it is therapeutic for me, it frees me from all the worries I have and it's something that doesn't cause me to think "I gotta get good" because THERE'S NO REASON TO NOR WAY TO MEASURE IT. IT'S JUST EXPRESSING MYSELF.

abstract 1 compressed.jpg I just think using art supplies without aiming for some improvement (as I've unsuccesfully done with drawing) is pretty neat.