I rejected the chance of getting into a PhD program

What the title says.

Yes, the project proposal was very interesting and the program could do most of the accomodations I need for my health issues (including a 100% bioinformatics-based project to never get into a lab), and I was gonna get both a scholarship and a stipend.

But I still said no, because it all was too sudden and I would start this August.

There are looooots of practical and personal reasons why I decided to say no. The most important one is, right now, I'm stable both with my physical and mental health, and I want to enjoy it, resting and doing all the things I wasn't able to do when I was more sick. Doesn't seem very smart rn to give up my peace and a job I genuinely enjoy for the sudden stress of moving out for a PhD.

I know I need to start considering how to move forward for my career and life, but I need a breather after a couple of years of experiencing hell.