I try to decide on what blogging platform to use.

Right now I'm thorn between using bearblog or mataroa as my main blogging platform. I'm starting to get into this and it's been quite fun to read posts by real people, that aren't aiming to sell you something or getting noticed by an algorithm. It's the type of authenticity I haven't seen in a long time. I just need to pick a "home" for now.

The perk I see in bearblog is the customization, I like being able to change the fonts, colors and other styling elements. Also, bears are my favorite animals. That definitely matters lmfao. And the discover section is great, because otherwise I wouldn't know where to find small blogs to read.

However, I think it would be more beneficial for me to be on mataroa because it precisely only focus on writing. I know, in bearblog, I could waste a lot of time reading other people's blogs, trying to play with the CSS a bit just to not feel satisfied and just going back to my default theme. The minimalism here is chef kiss because I'm not going to be distracted by anything. Also the pricing structure is good. And I like I'm already able to upload images (the file size limit helps me to be conscious about how I don't need to upload hi-res scans of my art into the web). The only customization thing I feel I'd love to have is something to increase the font size on desktop, as I sometimes feel the text is a bit small for me... but I can just zoom shit in. And probably other people are used to just zooming shit in just like I do.

Maybe I do need to stay in mataroa to avoid getting distracted and focusing my times on the things that should really matter to me. Even if no one ever reads my stuff, that's ok for me.